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Flexible Plans for Your Business

Commusoft Plans

For service, maintenance, and installation businesses who want to provide a world-class customer experience. Get in touch for a quote.

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Job Management

Commusoft’s core solution, designed for service, maintenance and installation businesses.


For teams looking to manage all business processes in one digital place

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  • Core features including jobs, invoices, and mobile app
  • Streamline communications with customers and techs in the field
  • Track parts, costs, and vehicles in real-time to better plan work
  • Allow technicians to clock in and out to record accurate timesheets
  • Generate professional quotes from the office or the field
  • Build exact forms you need and deploy them to your technicians
  • Invoice on the same day and get paid faster

Customer Journey

For teams looking to grow their business and build a unique customer experience

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  • Everything included in Commusoft's All-In-One plan
  • Enable customers to easily book their services online
  • Keep a log of all assets at a property and the service history
  • Dispatch jobs faster with route optimization
  • Control the flow of inventory with a multi-location system
  • Automate and adapt invoicing for residential and commercial customers
  • Handle large clients with SLA monitoring and a customer portal

Field Automation

For organizations seeking full automation and enhanced security

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  • All features in Commusoft's Customer Journey plan
  • Book hundreds of jobs at once with mass scheduling
  • Safeguard data with customizable security roles
  • Keep your team accountable with full system audits
  • Access additional account storage per licensed user

Minimum of 4 licenses per account.

Keep Things Flexible with Our License Type


Contracted licenses lock in your price and are committed to for a 12-month contract period, which renews on an annual basis.


Rolling monthly licenses can be purchased and removed as required, making them ideal for temporary workers.


Daily licenses are perfect for subcontractors as they are billed each month based on the number of days used.

Which Plan is Right For You?

How many employees do you have?


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  • The ideal solution for field service teams that want to go fully paperless
  • A user-friendly experience, whether you currently use software or not
  • Digitises all aspects of your work, so you can focus on growing your business

Customer Journey

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  • Perfect for companies that wish to scale their business and grow customer loyalty
  • Introduces complex tools that optimise your existing business processes
  • Drives efficiency within your team, so you can better serve your customers

Field Automation

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  • Designed for large businesses looking to further streamline their operations
  • Doubles down on complex automations that significantly minimise admin costs
  • Provides auditability and total control over both system and user security

Powering the Trades

Commusoft rating on Google is 5 out of 5

114 reviews

Commusoft rating on Capterra is 5 out of 5

184 reviews

Commusoft rating on G2 is 5 out of 5

28 reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Daily licenses are perfect for subcontractors as they are billed each month based on the number of days used.

  • No; our plans are carefully designed to offer value to different sized businesses and cannot be changed.

  • Yes, we require a minimum of four licenses per account.

  • Your account will only include licenses for the plan you have chosen. You cannot purchase or ‘mix and match’ licenses across different plans.

  • All office staff, managers, and technicians use the software and therefore require a license. These people will have their own login details and will appear in the calendar for you to schedule in work orders or appointments for them. There is no limit on the number of users the software can support.

  • We offer different seasonal discounts throughout the year – please enquire for more information.

  • All accounts are set up with a debit or credit card and are billed monthly in US Dollars on the 1st of each month. All prices shown exclude taxes.

  • Training is completed using TeamViewer and over the phone. All sessions are hourly, and the number received depends on the pricing plan. Learn more about digital onboarding with Commusoft.

  • We commit to you to ensure you are trained on the system that will be the backbone of your business. You will be guided on your integrations during your training with us and get comfortable with the workflow—from adding customers to invoicing. You can also practice certain tasks with your dedicated trainer. Learn more about our training plans.

  • Storage is calculated based on the number of contracted and rolling licenses you have. Depending on the plan, you get a set amount per license that is added together to create a “pool” of data. Daily licenses don’t include any storage. The storage is used for any attachments (photos, videos, PDFs) that are uploaded into your account. We do not limit the number of customers, jobs, or invoices you can save.

  • Yes. Depending on whether you have a rolling or 12-month contract, you may need to sign a new contract for the upgraded plan. Additional training may be required.

  • You can import every one of your customers and their work addresses into Commusoft. You can also import parts and inventory lists. All you need is the data in an Excel/CSV file and with the correct columns, which our client services team can assist you with.

  • With our Stripe and SumUp integrations, your customers can call your office and card details can be taken and inputted straight into Commusoft.

  • Commusoft currently supports companies working out of the UK, US, Canada. Please note, all North American clients will be billed in US Dollars.

  • No, all North American clients (including Canadian businesses) will be charged in US Dollars.

Easily Connect Your Existing Software

Seamlessly integrate tools your business already use for an all-in-one experience.

Learn More About Integrations
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Sales management

Take our Jobs system to the next level with a full sales CRM.

Sales Starter

For businesses just starting their sales strategy

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  • Know every interaction and detail across each opportunity
  • Track and organize opportunities across one default sales pipeline
  • Build beautiful proposals with a powerful drag-and-drop editor
  • Allow customers to easily view and accept your proposal online
  • Offer customers multiple options as well as add-ons to increase revenue
  • Template your opportunities, proposals, options and more to save time
  • Understand and control your profit margins for each proposal

Sales Growth

For companies with dedicated sales personnel

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  • All features included in Commusoft Sales Starter plan
  • Automate customer follow ups with bespoke sequences
  • Increase profits with powerful upselling tools
  • Edit sales pipeline stages to suit your needs
  • Create as many sales pipelines as you want
  • Include add-ons at the option level for greater customization

Sales Team

For organizations managing an entire sales team


The Team plan will offer additional features for larger teams of salespeople.

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  • There will be more information about this coming soon
  • There will be more information about this coming soon
  • There will be more information about this coming soon
  • There will be more information about this coming soon
  • There will be more information about this coming soon
  • There will be more information about this coming soon

Commusoft Sales is currently only available with a Commusoft Jobs license.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes! Commusoft Sales utilizes many parts of our core Jobs solution, therefore, currently the two systems must be used together. If you are not yet using our Jobs solution, but would like to benefit from both Commusoft Sales and Jobs, get in touch and speak to our team today. Please note that Commusoft Jobs has a minimum sign up of 4 licenses.

  • Simply get in touch! If you are an existing client, we’ll assist you in purchasing Sales licenses for your Commusoft account.

    If you are not yet using Commusoft, you will be able to purchase licenses for both Jobs and Sales together when you first sign up – or can always add Commusoft Sales at a later date.

  • No! Unlike our Jobs solution (where all employees use it and therefore require a license), you can purchase as many, or as few, Sales licenses as you need. For example, if you have a 3 person sales team, then you only need to purchase 3 Sales licenses – but please bear in mind that only those 3 users will be able to access the Sales tools.

    Please note, you can not mix and match Sales plans, meaning you could not purchase 2 Sales Starter licenses and 1 Sales Growth license. All Sales users will require licenses for the same plan.

Chat enablement

Expand on our Jobs system with an integrated chat platform.

Chat Lite

For businesses looking for a dedicated field service chat solution

with a Jobs plan

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  • Securely chat with the entire company in one platform
  • Create channels, group chats, and direct messages
  • Log job conversations directly to the job record
  • Chat from the web or mobile with Android and iOS apps

Chat Pro

For teams looking to expand their communication tools further


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Coming Soon

  • More info coming soon
  • More info coming soon
  • More info coming soon
  • More info coming soon
  • More info coming soon
  • More info coming soon
  • More info coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes! Commusoft Chat is built onto our core Jobs solution to add functionalities designed specifically for field service businesses. Therefore, the two systems must be used together. If you are not yet using our Jobs solution, but would like to use Commusoft Chat when it is available, get a head start and speak to our team today.

  • We’ve got nothing against WhatsApp (or other free chat platforms), but they’re not designed for field service businesses! What you gain in accessibility with those other tools, you lose in transparency, accountability, and security. We’ve got all of those covered. Commusoft Chat is built specifically for field service businesses, integrates natively into our Jobs solution, and gives you control over how your business communicates.

    Register your interest here to be the first to know more.

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If you’re not sure which is the right plan for you, please get in touch! Our team are happy to run through the various options and how Commusoft can improve your business.

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